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thank you white lady

Following the success of SNL Live the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre put on 30 rock Live. I went to try and get tickets but to no avail. Within the first 5 minutes a seemingly nice guy comes out and goes: Sorry, none of you are going to get tickets, there are no standbys. A few people leave…maybe 4 or 5 but the rest of us (for whatever reason) stay in line. 10 minutes or so later a different guy comes out and yells:


Ha! Well, that was all the motivation I needed to head over to Momofuku for some delicious noodles. However, during the time between the Guy #1 and Guy #2 a lady comes over and is interviewing people for CNN. She’s trying to get folks to talk to her and the girl standing next to me volunteers. It went something like this:

CNN Lady: Didn’t you hear the announcement? Why are you still in line? What are you waiting for?
Girl: Well…it’s one of our favorite shows and blah…

Too funny! But hey, I was still waiting in line too so who am I to talk? The only cool thing is that about 2 minutes after I got there Toofer, Josh, and Kenneth walked by me as I was standing in line. Looked like they were heading off to get some pre-show grub. For some reason I imagined Toofer would be taller IRL.

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6 minutes, 6 minutes…

Yesterday during an impromptu visit to the Puma store (go figure) I decided to venture upstairs in search of super-cool t-shirts. I pressed the button for the elevator but to no avail. I asked the salesman if it was out of order to which he replied: There’s a celebrity upstairs shopping with his entourage.

On mention of the term “celebrity” I immediately assumed it was some low-level D-lister like Bookman from Good Times. So I decide to risk it and hoof it up the 2 flights. But I was treated to major a surprise as I rounded the final corner of the spiral staircase. Looking me dead in the eye was none other than Mr. Human Beat Box himself!

He was just doing his thing, shopping for shirts and there were a few guys and a lone photographer with him. After looking around a bit, I nodded to the photographer for confirmation that it was indeed Mr. Fresh. He confirmed it and said that I could talk to him.

I walk over to him and say: Excuse me, Doug E. Fresh! He didn’t reply “YES?” but it was still cool. I told him I was a big fan and then he posed for a pic. On the way out I saw MC Shan milling around outside.

See people, this is why I love SF.

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