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cutting the cord


Yesterday my Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser

wanted movie download

arrived (thank you Amazon Prime)

watch star trek in HD download underworld rise of the lycans HD

logitech cordless desktop

For the longest time I’d resisted wireless peripherals b/c I thought they were unnecessary battery hogs.  But I needed a new Mac keyboard b/c I got sick of my ancient PC compatible $10 USB keyboard that I’d gotten in college.  I thought about getting one of the slick Apple models but I just couldn’t get over the crappy key action.  Plus many online reviews confirmed my suspicions about key clicks not registering and the annoyingly low keys that made it too easy to hit one key when you meant ot hit another.  I [momentarily] considered this beauty

matias tactile pro keyboard

But no matter how much it had the desirable “clickety-clack” of old I just couldn’t justify $150 for a keyboard.  So far so good with the Logitech.  It looks slick and the mouse is ergonomically slanted just like I like it.  The keys have a good action and since it was designed as a “Mac” keyboard it has all of the right keys in the right places.  It also has additional hot keys for iTunes and iPhoto and the like but I’ll probably never be motivated enough to actually configure them.  Also the battery life (2 AA for the mouse and 2 AAA for they keyboard) supposedly last for 6 months.  The reviews seem to confirm it so that’s a definite plus.

Now if the Dell 30″ would hurry up and come down in price that’d be great.  Soon my office will be complete.  All I need now are some Threadless Bliks and I’ll be free to rule the world in style.  BWAH. HA. BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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Bitch Please!

After a friendly round of Mani-Pedi-Brows w/ my mom in NOVA, a girl stopped me on the way out of the nail shop to ask:

girl: Where’d you get those glasses
me: <hesitantly> Um…actually I got them in Switzerland

(Don’t roll your eyes, I said hesitantly didn’t I?)

There wasn’t really a non-pretentious answer to that question. I’m sure my response caused that nice sweet girl to inwardly think…

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