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eat: Craftbar

On Sunday night I had a pretty decent meal at Craftbar. It’s the more casual sister-restaurant of Craft both of which are owned by Chef Tom Colicchio (most notably of Bravo’s Top Chef). What I liked most was the atmosphere. Sure, the brown butcher paper on the tables was trying a bit too hard but the excellently eclectic music made up for it. Everything from Sia to Beastie Boys to late-80’s Michael Jackson pumped through the dining room’s speakers.

  • Appetizer: Warm Pecorino Fondue w/ Acadia Honey, Hazelnuts and Pepperoncini
  • Entree: Veal Ricotta Meatballs (atop Orechiette)
  • Dessert: Brown sugar cake

While a bit of a misnomer, the “fondue” was pretty delicious. Since pecorino isn’t what I’d call a melty cheese, instead a traditional fondue consistency it was more of a hot cheesy mound beneath an oozy layer of warm honey and whole hazelnuts. It was served with one lone slice of crusty bread. They should really consider upping the bread to “fondue” ratio.

The meatballs were close to perfection. In general, the best meatballs consist of the classic: pork, beef, and veal. So I was worried about whether pure veal meatballs would have enough fat to be flavorful. However, they were moist and flavorful and the tomato sauce was just the right mix of zesty and tangy.

Dessert was truly amazing. The brown sugar cake was a moist, spongy mound of heaven. The entire thing was dusted with a brown sugar coating-like-crust that wasn’t too sweet and was a perfect match for the fluffiness of the cake.

Overall, I’d say it was a good meal. I will say I was expecting a LOT from the way Colicchio beats up on the contestants on Top Chef. I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t completely blown away either.

Rating: 4 out of 5 forks

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