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24 subplots

24 has undoubtedly jumped the shark.  In fact I’m pretty sure it started to go down hill after around season 3.  However, due to an unrealistic hope that the show will some day suck less, I continue to watch.

What never ceases to amuse me about 24 is the subplots.  That’s right, you know what I’m talking about:

  • Kim and her martial arts boyfriend
  • Wayne Palmer having an affair with that congressman’s wife (played, for some reason, by Gina Torres)
  • Frodo’s life partner and his junkie sister

And let’s not forget this season:

  • Dubaku’s relationship with a waitress despite the warnings of her over-protective, slightly crazy, sister
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Why do I love the subplot?  Because it’s pure cheesy goodness.  They crack me up every time.  You know that despite how far fetched or seemingly random, they will eventually intersect with the main plot in the strangest of ways.  Take Sean Astin’s (Lynn McGill) subplot.  His dope fiend sister manages to hook up with a bad guy who’s sole purpose is to steal her brother’s CTU access card.  Then the uber bad guys get their hands on the stolen key and a bunch of people die a painful death from toxic gas.  This subplot, of course, gives way to perhaps the most hilariously absurd 24 line of all time:

So, we’re all going to die because you were embarrassed?


So what’s in store for the waitress and her meddling sister?  I can only imagine an unnecessary scene where Dubaku tortures her and mercilessly drags her from her wheel chair.  But what is the link? Maybe she is only a waitress part time and the rest of the time she moonlights as a food taster for the President and Dubaku will use  her to serve poisoned hash browns to the Commander in Chief!  Or…maybe he’s just lonely.  Ruthless dictators need love too.

And while I’m on the subject, is it me or does 24 seem way too torture happy this season?  I mean damn.  Last week Jack seemed awfully anxious to hold an infant baby at gun point.

Jack: Madam president, he’s lying!  Let me do what’s necessary and he WILL tell me who let the dogs out!

Funny, funny stuff.


2 + 2 = 5

You ever have someone tell you something is good so many times you start to believe it? Seriously, if one more person tells me that Lil Wayne is the illest MC out right now…

Yeah, ok I saw him on the VMAs and I will admit that he comes up w/ some original and off the wall freestyles:

“I can’t pronounce her last name so it should be mine” (w/ Nicole Scherzinger)

“I’m a fall out boy / Need a stand up girl” (w/, duh, fall out boy)

That’s all well and good but people come on. The greatest MC of all time?! Let’s not go crazy.


6 minutes, 6 minutes…

Yesterday during an impromptu visit to the Puma store (go figure) I decided to venture upstairs in search of super-cool t-shirts. I pressed the button for the elevator but to no avail. I asked the salesman if it was out of order to which he replied: There’s a celebrity upstairs shopping with his entourage.

On mention of the term “celebrity” I immediately assumed it was some low-level D-lister like Bookman from Good Times. So I decide to risk it and hoof it up the 2 flights. But I was treated to major a surprise as I rounded the final corner of the spiral staircase. Looking me dead in the eye was none other than Mr. Human Beat Box himself!

He was just doing his thing, shopping for shirts and there were a few guys and a lone photographer with him. After looking around a bit, I nodded to the photographer for confirmation that it was indeed Mr. Fresh. He confirmed it and said that I could talk to him.

I walk over to him and say: Excuse me, Doug E. Fresh! He didn’t reply “YES?” but it was still cool. I told him I was a big fan and then he posed for a pic. On the way out I saw MC Shan milling around outside.

See people, this is why I love SF.

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