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All Day I Dream About…Shoes

blue a.d.i.d.a.s wanted divx

Gasp! I’m not wearing Pumas today. I decided to opt for the other brother

watch underworld rise of the lycans in HD

star trek online bolt divx download and buy a pair of adidas. They’re not 100% broken in yet but so far so good. At 15+ pairs I think it’s possible I may have bought every *good* Puma there is. Ok sure, that’s a lot of sneakers but it’s part of my uniform: Impossibly NorCal long sleeved shirt under short sleeved (threadless) shirt, jeans, Pumas.

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Bitch Please!

After a friendly round of Mani-Pedi-Brows w/ my mom in NOVA, a girl stopped me on the way out of the nail shop to ask:

girl: Where’d you get those glasses
me: <hesitantly> Um…actually I got them in Switzerland

(Don’t roll your eyes, I said hesitantly didn’t I?)

There wasn’t really a non-pretentious answer to that question. I’m sure my response caused that nice sweet girl to inwardly think…

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