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life imitates art


A while back I saw the absolutely hysterical scrabble xkcd:

xkcd scrabble

watch race to witch mountain in divx

watch wall e in HD

My honest to blog scrabble game on facebook:

xkcd scrabble game HD fast and furious 4 download

My very dear, often hilarious, high school chum’s response:

if you only had an o
get it, an O

What are the chances?  I couldn’t make this stuff up folks.  Too funny…

HD vinyan

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say it like you mean it

I stopped in to Sellers Markets this morning to get myself an egg-a-muffin.  After waiting a short while my order was ready.  The cook calls out: “Arquay!.

Now on the surface…this isn’t terribly remarkable.  Except for the fact that he actually pronounced my name correctly.  I actually did a double take and smiled at the not oft heard pronunciation.

It was my first time going there for breakfast.  This almost makes me want to consider an egg-a-muffin-only diet.