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You ever have someone tell you something is good so many times you start to believe it? Seriously, if one more person tells me that Lil Wayne is the illest MC out right now…

Yeah, ok I saw him on the VMAs and I will admit that he comes up w/ some original and off the wall freestyles:

“I can’t pronounce her last name so it should be mine” (w/ Nicole Scherzinger)

“I’m a fall out boy / Need a stand up girl” (w/, duh, fall out boy)

That’s all well and good but people come on. The greatest MC of all time?! Let’s not go crazy.


say it like you mean it

I stopped in to Sellers Markets this morning to get myself an egg-a-muffin.  After waiting a short while my order was ready.  The cook calls out: “Arquay!.

Now on the surface…this isn’t terribly remarkable.  Except for the fact that he actually pronounced my name correctly.  I actually did a double take and smiled at the not oft heard pronunciation.

It was my first time going there for breakfast.  This almost makes me want to consider an egg-a-muffin-only diet.